Jun. 3rd, 2015

Посмотрел GSW @ CLE от 26 февраля 2015.
Пока мне кажется что кливленд победит, по крайней мере дома, но скорее всего и в серии. Хотя Карри и Томпсон, да и все Вориорс тоже выглядят впечатляюще - длинная мощная скамейка.
Жалко что Лав поломан, но все равно очень интересная серия.

"We share a lot of the same philosophies in terms of how we see the game, ball movement and spacing and pace and the chemistry that happens when the ball does move," Kerr said.

Kerr calls. 'Mike, that was the most incredible meeting I've ever had. He's perfect. Besides coaching, what people don't realize is traveling all year, you want to work with people you like.'
Интересно про тактику.

The Cavs have been spectacular in rampaging over the East since James returned from his midseason vacation, especially during a 12-2 playoff run in which they discovered a gritty and brutal new identity. They have outscored postseason opponents by 10 points per 100 possessions, a better margin than Golden State, and as Kevin Pelton pointed out at ESPN.com, that (slight) superiority holds up even when you adjust for the quality of competition.

Look carefully at that play and imagine Bogut under the rim in place of Marreese Speights. Smith is glued to Thompson in the corner nearest Curry, and that, plus the trap on Curry, reduces the Dubs to working a 3-on-2 with Green, Speights, and Iguodala on one side of the floor. Jones crashes hard off Iguodala, and Kevin Love zones up between Green and Speights before finally pulling a very Love-y half-lunge toward Green.

Green has choices, but none of them is a cinch. He can hit Iguodala, an unreliable shooter, for a catch-and-shoot 3; try a floater; drive at Love; or thread a lob pass to Speights. Golden State will win a lot of these mini-battles — Green has gotten really good at hitting Bogut with alley-oops — but if you’re not switching on Curry up top, you have to force the bit players to beat you with tough plays.



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