Jun. 10th, 2015

Efficiency is out the window this series, and it's all by design. Efficient looks happen when a team gets up and down the court and spreads the floor. Right now, the Cavaliers are letting James sit on the ball until the shot clock reaches single-digits. At that point, he usually either backs down his defender for a hook shot or kicks the ball out to a teammate.

It's an inefficient way to play offense, but it's a big reason why the Cavaliers have been so good at preventing the Warriors from scoring. Golden State can't get into a rhythm because they're unable to run in the open floor. Blatt has slowed things down to such a significant degree that the Warriors look like a team playing in sand instead of on hardwood.

The reason everyone thought the Warriors would run the Cavaliers off the floor this series is because that's exactly what would happen if Golden State was able to find the tempo it played at throughout the season. After playing at the fastest pace in the NBA during the regular season (100.69, per NBA.com), the Warriors this series are playing at a pace that would have ranked in the bottom five of the NBA (93.74). Blatt has constructed a game plan hell-bent on preventing the Warriors from running, and his team now has a 2-1 lead because of it.




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