Game 4

Jun. 12th, 2015 08:31 pm

• A little thing I love about Mozgov’s game: He’s really good at disguising the direction of his pick until the very last moment, and even flipping directions in an instant. He tricked Iguodala a few times on LeBron pick-and-rolls; Iguodala lunged one way, thinking Mozgov’s screen was going to send James in that direction, and fell hopelessly behind when Mozgov set that sucker the other way.

Reminder: Mozgov is under contract for just $4.95 million next season. Cavs GM David Griffin did a sensational job rebuilding this team on the fly during the season.

• Kerr seems to have concluded that Iguodala is his only workable option on LeBron. When he saw the Cavs insert LeBron early in the second quarter while Iguodala was still on the bench, Kerr immediately burned a 20-second timeout to get Iguodala back in. Kerr confirmed to me afterward that he used the timeout specifically for that purpose, rather than risk even one possession with Barnes on LeBron.

Game 3.
Emergence of Matthew Dellavedova Has Made Cavs' Nightmare a Potential Fantasy

Efficiency is out the window this series, and it's all by design. Efficient looks happen when a team gets up and down the court and spreads the floor. Right now, the Cavaliers are letting James sit on the ball until the shot clock reaches single-digits. At that point, he usually either backs down his defender for a hook shot or kicks the ball out to a teammate.

It's an inefficient way to play offense, but it's a big reason why the Cavaliers have been so good at preventing the Warriors from scoring. Golden State can't get into a rhythm because they're unable to run in the open floor. Blatt has slowed things down to such a significant degree that the Warriors look like a team playing in sand instead of on hardwood.

The reason everyone thought the Warriors would run the Cavaliers off the floor this series is because that's exactly what would happen if Golden State was able to find the tempo it played at throughout the season. After playing at the fastest pace in the NBA during the regular season (100.69, per, the Warriors this series are playing at a pace that would have ranked in the bottom five of the NBA (93.74). Blatt has constructed a game plan hell-bent on preventing the Warriors from running, and his team now has a 2-1 lead because of it.

"Jarron Collins 'Slow' break" during a game against the Houston Rockets in the 2009-10 season.
"Jarron had a one-man fast break in Phoenix where he stole the ball and it took him like 17 seconds to get down the floor," says Kerr, who was the Suns' GM at the time. "We had some fun with that one."

The ‘NBA After Dark’ Finals Likability Power Rankings

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What could you say about the defensive effort especially on Stephen Curry?

Blatt: Well, to hold Golden State under a hundred points or under 95 points, you're doing something on defense. And our guys are really, really, really locked in and defending and making an effort and making multiple efforts on every single play. And that is the only way to play against the Warriors, because they're so potent offensively and they can put up points so quickly and in a multitude of ways that you have no choice but to be aware or get beat. And I thought we were aware, and I thought we were locked in on almost every play. That's what it took.

Matthew Dellavedova Is Your God Now.
Curry shot 21.7 percent from the field on 23 attempts last night. His previous career low in a regular-season or playoff game with at least 20 attempts was 23.8 percent — and that happened in 2010. Trying to imagine a Curry meltdown worse than last night is about as impossible as what happened … last night.

"This team has nothing on its mind but trying to win a championship," first-year coach David Blatt said. "And the fact that Kyrie went down, the fact that Kevin went down earlier has not changed our resolve in any way, has not caused us to look for some particular break or sympathy, because it's not coming. It hasn't come to us all year. We've dealt with adversity from Day 1.

"These situations only make us stronger."

"You definitely take the 44 with not as many assists," Barnes said, according to ProBasketballTalk. "As opposed to him getting 25 and 10 assists, and then J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, Dellavedova, those guys having big games. So we're forcing him to be a scorer. You kind of let him do that and try to limit everybody else."

Heat officials have watched these playoffs and thought back to the 2012 conference semifinals against Indiana, when Chris Bosh got hurt in Game 1. Miami had to reinvent itself, and it did so in part by reverting to prehistoric basketball. It gave the ball to LeBron, cleared an entire side of the floor, and begged him to single-handedly create points. It was the antithesis of what the Heat wanted to be, and of what they would become, but it was all they had at that moment. It was their survival instinct.


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Интересно про тактику.

The Cavs have been spectacular in rampaging over the East since James returned from his midseason vacation, especially during a 12-2 playoff run in which they discovered a gritty and brutal new identity. They have outscored postseason opponents by 10 points per 100 possessions, a better margin than Golden State, and as Kevin Pelton pointed out at, that (slight) superiority holds up even when you adjust for the quality of competition.

Look carefully at that play and imagine Bogut under the rim in place of Marreese Speights. Smith is glued to Thompson in the corner nearest Curry, and that, plus the trap on Curry, reduces the Dubs to working a 3-on-2 with Green, Speights, and Iguodala on one side of the floor. Jones crashes hard off Iguodala, and Kevin Love zones up between Green and Speights before finally pulling a very Love-y half-lunge toward Green.

Green has choices, but none of them is a cinch. He can hit Iguodala, an unreliable shooter, for a catch-and-shoot 3; try a floater; drive at Love; or thread a lob pass to Speights. Golden State will win a lot of these mini-battles — Green has gotten really good at hitting Bogut with alley-oops — but if you’re not switching on Curry up top, you have to force the bit players to beat you with tough plays.

Посмотрел GSW @ CLE от 26 февраля 2015.
Пока мне кажется что кливленд победит, по крайней мере дома, но скорее всего и в серии. Хотя Карри и Томпсон, да и все Вориорс тоже выглядят впечатляюще - длинная мощная скамейка.
Жалко что Лав поломан, но все равно очень интересная серия.

"We share a lot of the same philosophies in terms of how we see the game, ball movement and spacing and pace and the chemistry that happens when the ball does move," Kerr said.

Kerr calls. 'Mike, that was the most incredible meeting I've ever had. He's perfect. Besides coaching, what people don't realize is traveling all year, you want to work with people you like.'

Оказывается Девид Блатт рассматривался Стовом Керром как кандидат в ассистенты. И даже было интервью где Блатт дал устное согласие. Удивительно, но через пару недель Блатт получил предложение от Кливленда на пост главного тренера. Керр конечно все понимал насколько важно для Блатта была позиция главного тренера и пожелал Блатту удачи.
Жизнь конечно самый непредсказуемый сценарист. Когда Блатт договаривался с Кливлендом речь шла о молодой команде талантливых, но еще не матерых игроков. На раскрытие потенциала планировалось затратить некоторое время. Все перевернулось с ног на голову когда перед закрытием окна трансферов в Кливленд вернулся Леброн. Теперь речь могла идти только о победе. Но никто кроме менеджмента не верил в победу тренера новичка,да еще никогда не игравшего в самом НБА, да еще из европы.
С другой стороны Керр тоже был новичок - которому предстояло еще доказать, что он такой же классный тренер как и игрок.
Никому и в голову не могло прийти , что в конце сезона оба тренера не только выйдут в плейофф, но и встретятся в финале.
Воистину жизнь непредсказуемыя штука.

''No way we could've guessed back then that we'd be facing each other in the NBA Finals less than a year later. It's crazy to think about,'' Kerr said, echoing his counterpart's amazement.

''That's a great irony and story,'' Blatt said. ''The way that I look at it is, especially when I look back to our conversation, is that we both got exactly what we wanted. We wanted to be part of a successful team that competes for the championship of the NBA. And it's happened - only we're on different sides.''

Kerr, Blatt are rare rookie coaches in NBA Finals

1+4/9 : 1+ 37/20
1.44 : 1:85

GSW 1,42 : 2,92 CLE



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